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KAWS x Air Jordan in addition to shoes, there must be clothes. Today KAWS KAWS joint sweater preview, the lovely daughter wearing it in collaboration with Jordan Brand sweater, although cap-a-pie wrapped up, but this is just to let everyone see the details of the design; sweater and shoes with Companion doll hand pattern covering, X logo and AIR X back on it it is eye-catching, moreover also can see Jumpman logo in cuffs. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! Air Jordan 7 "Pure Money" will be on sale in June. Continuation of the "Pure Money" theme of white and platinum golden tone, this high small white shoes appear unique, it is learned that there will be GS size sale. But students still have cleanliness should be careful to buy oh. shoe information: Air Jordan 7 "Pure Money" number: 304775-120 launch date: June 3rd price: $190 APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience!rarely brand like Adidas also has 60 years of profound sports spirit and street music background, this season Adidas Originals to further explore the original nature of contemporary hip-hop culture, and the creation of this year full 25th anniversary legendary record label Def Jam work together to launch the brand and its artists " Def Jam" joint;; series, in a street the flavor of t jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black he wide version of T-shirt, Tee long, hooded collar coat, high tube shoes, Originals fusion Adidas three leaf logo and Def Jam and classic famous turntable totem, more Redman, Methodman, Young on Jeezy, Ghost Face and other top artists to commemorate the signature, creating Adidas and Hip-Hop fans will definitely fail the original hip hop collection. DMC in Adidas Superstar three line; a unique style of shell head shoes and red, successful sports culture from the stadium to the street, Adidas and Def Jam〉 classical German sports footwear and apparel brand PUMA recently published its latest 2012 autumn and winter shoes series, and the series of shoe shoes become key is to see the brand with its TRINOMIC technology, this technology was first seen in 80s produced the brand shoes, and a series of ZDC 82 shoes through the eye-catching colors to create, and equipped with the TRINOMIC technology, and this year is the 30th anniversary anniversary of shoes was born, need to know the ZDC 82 in early 80s with Fast Rider, Air Rider and Trimm Quick and other hot shoes also receive attention, so this is absolutely meaningful. PUMA's latest 2012 autumn and winter shoe range is now available in major recognised businesses around the world.1. Shakuier · O'neal he perhaps has the most nickname players, countless nickname, I used to like call him "the shark". He was 92 years a veritable show champion. He is the history of the most dominant center, there is no one; he is the history of the league only two for three consecutive years with fmvp superstar (another is, of course, MJ23 t jordans on sale online he greatest); he is the richest entertainment spirit of the players; he is 10 times in the League single season shooting rate of the king; he is another let the alliance to expand three seconds inside the Big Mac, the alliance has also developed a a series of rules to protect or restrict O'Neill, such as prescribed in the fourth quarter last two minutes, the players without the ball foul will direct fine two free throws. He also won two scoring titles; he in the 2000 regular season MVP votes selected only one ticket was was elected by a unanimous vote;, 300 have 216cm height more than pounds of weight, but they have bounce more than 80 cm! Such a good physical quality to let O'Neal in the basket Yuquyuqiu, basket frame are several withstand his violent dunk, almost no a center in para O'Neill is not He Yan BUCKLE! Of course, having a good physical quality is only superstar as a condition, he very quickly and very flexible turned his back and his skillful small hook is let him do whatever they want, only can prevent O'Neill only he that tragic penalty hit rate. His four championship trophy, where FMVP is the best interpretation of his third successive prehistoric monster invincible dominance. Such excellent physical quality and skilled technology, coupled with the dominance of terror, O'Neill despite winning four championship, but to have such a good condition, he seems slightly inadequate, he just won an MVP award, moreover, he also did not take even a rebounder, shot blocker, defensive players such as honor. O'neal could have been ranked in the league's history Top3 or even beyon buy cheap jordans online d MJ23, but his laziness made him just stay in the Top10, he is always an excuse for injury "leave" to let him miss a further opportunity. He and Kobe's "OK" hatred let us because they can not help but sigh and the final part company each going his own way. 2. Dwight · Howard as third place is one of the last high school students show Champion (the first one is that of a condemned by Kwame & middot; brown, second place is, of course, LBJ the), Howard in his rookie season with end were 12+10 two pairs of data, but still in competing for the best rookie this career honor only once lost to show Bangyan Emeka Okafor. But the next few seasons, Okafor almost no any progress instead regressed, Howard in continuously refresh the milestone in the history of the youngest rebounds, he in the 07-08 season broke the Garnett for four consecutive years of rebounding monopoly, and send an unmanageable to continuous three years won the rebounding title. And for two consecutive years to win the cap, to become the league's history so far.for so many years, lightweight, low resistance has been the most important two points in the history of the development of basketball shoes, in order to let players play the strongest state in strenuous exercise, in fact, is more than basketball, strenuous exercise skateboard this more limit, the requirement also is exactly the same reason. In addition to remembers a few days ago brought us South Korea's Sneaker Party, a group of eye-catching pictures, so many people remember. Today, we continue jordan 3 katrina 2018 to bring you information about the shoes show, and the city was changed to Berlin, germany. Unlike the other shoe exhibition air jordan pattern of world domination, the Berlin exhibition, some All flowers bloom together. feeling, from Germany as a local brand in the world, adidas shoes, individual or many, both classic shoes dizzying, besides NEW, BALANCE and other brands also have a long history personal collection to share with you. From the photographs we can still feel the subtle foreign collectors and China Sneaker fans in the collection of shoes including the choice of direction, color is different, this is not who is right, but everyone's love is different, but also hope that the friends of the exchange activities between shoes on the more the better! Source: Liu Xiang, beyond 12 seconds, 87 is expected to 12 seconds 88! There are a few days from the first game Liu Xiang Olympic Games , Liu Xiang in a training of the National General Administration of sport training track and field, ran away from Robles's world record in just 0.01 seconds. This reporter learned from an insider yesterday. Today, Liu Xiang and Shi Dongpeng will be formally stationed in the Olympic village. in order to prepare for the 110 meter hurdles, Liu Xiang has been recently in the State General Administration of sport training of track and field training retreat. According to informed sources, due to the state adjustment, Liu Xiang is not every day in the training field. "Basically two days a training, slowly adjust the state."." Reporters learned that, after a period of adjustment tr Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale aining, Liu Xiang has been close to the best. "This week, Liu Xiang made a regular watch - up drill at the track and field, running out of 12 - 88." in June 13th of this year, the Cuban people Robles in Czech Ostrava Grand Prix men's 110 meter hurdles, 12 seconds out of 87 results, Liu Xiang broke the remaining 12 second world record of 88, Robles also became the major stumbling block Liu Xiang defending. "Liu Xiang is in pretty good shape. And the mental state is relatively relaxed." The person familiar with the matter said. the Olympic men's 110 meter hurdles heats up in August 18th at the bird's nest. Today, Liu Xiang and Shi Dongpeng will be formally stationed in the Olympic village. Liu Xiang is also full of anticipation for a showdown with Robles. "Robles broke my world record. It made me look forward to the Olympic Games. I really want to have a good run with them."." (responsibility editor: admin) financing is a big problem, "a lot of shoes and apparel enterprises Mister said local, central bank raised interest rates seven times so that enterprises feel the pressure, difficult to loan money now, enterprises must reduce costs, many of the veterans were significantly higher than previous" more low-key ", employee travel out of the province, now have small scale or directly cancel in order to reduce expenses. As the cost of production and operation has risen sharply, private enterprises in Fujian and Jinjiang have felt the pressure of funds this year. "Financing difficulties" has become a common reflection of many small and medium-sized enterprises. At prese jordans on sale mens nt, the local government, banks and enterprises are through the formation of loans Guarantee Corporation, the use of financial products to crack the financing of the "bottleneck."". ; SME capital chain tightening this year, the impact of energy and raw materials, rising labor costs, RMB appreciation, national tight monetary policy and other multiple factors, small and medium-sized enterprises "capital chain" suffered a hitherto unknown test. " ," said Wang Zhiyong, head of the Jinjiang footwear industry association. "Just a factor in exchange rate fluctuations. Corporate financial costs have risen by 6 percentage points since the start of the year.". "Now, banks tend to accept small loans to SMEs, and last year my company's working capital loans 3 million yuan, after the beginning of this year to pay off, the bank will not lend, the more tight the chain of funds tight." He said, "all the costs are still bullish, if the bank for a buffer period, again this year, lend me 2 million yuan even 1 million yuan, the company can also break." Wang Zhiyong, head of the footwear industry association, said, "just a factor in exchange rate fluctuations, from the beginning of the year, corporate financial costs increased by 6 percentage points.". "Now, banks tend to accept small loans to SMEs, and last year my company's working capital loans 3 million yuan, after the beginning of this year to pay off, the bank will not lend, the more tight the chain of funds tight." He said, "all the costs are still bullish, if the bank for a buffer period, again this year, lend me 2 million y Retro jordans for sale uan even 1 million yuan, the company can also break." deputy director of the Jinjiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce Zhuang Yuejin said that this year the national implementation of tight monetary policy, the sources of credit funds of enterprises decreased, some small and medium enterprises because of the loss of bank credit support, production capacity has been greatly affected. According to the people's Bank of Jinjiang City branch of statistics, at the end of May, the Jinjiang financial institutions, the loan balance of RMB 26 billion 790 million yuan, increased by only 270 million yuan over the beginning of the year, less than the same period last year increased 2 billion 680 million yuan. in the context of monetary tightening, bank credit is gradually tilted to the real enterprise guarantee mortgage loans, credit lines further reduced, and the economic situation at home and abroad, enterprise capital flow speed slow, the majority of enterprises liquidity difficulties. )Kendall Jenner Adidas Originals announced officially became a spokesperson for A few hours before the , Kendall Jenner Instagram Adidas Originals officially announced to join in, become the spokesperson. Kendall Jenner as the current most popular supermodel, has 82 million fans on Instagram, and as Kanye's sister-in-law, Adidas Originals of global promotion undoubtedly no small influence, I do not know the future will not have the cooperation of West and her husband Kanye, really makes people look very! Supreme x THE NORTH FACE to determine the will be available in this week today is spring an air jordan 11 space jam for sale d summer Supreme17 fifteenth weeks of release, this time in addition to the Jim Krantz photography blessing attention jacket and shirt, and his hat and a variety of T-Shirt single product, this morning, the official confirmed that Supreme will offer 2017 spring and summer in the United States Thursday series second FACE and THE NORTH branded bags products. This will have two bags and pockets of a single product, are made of lightweight waterproof fabric, with red and camouflage, then into Supreme and The North Face marked Logo embellishment. Estimation is a popular! "The Eminem Show" Eminem album release version 15th anniversary! Autographed poster! Eminem in 2002 to celebrate the album "The Eminem Show" 15th anniversary, now ushered in the great news for fans to! 15th Anniversary Special Edition album by the way of stripping sale, is the first album, with signature posters, T - Shirt price is $250, second is the total of $$30, posters and album third is T - Shirt with the album for $35, very hard for the fans to buy various supporting measures. Of course?? If you are a fan immediately to Eminem, Eminem online shop panic buying. ----------------------------------------------------- PEANUTS X VANS 2017 series first look sliding around multi view today is the most happy to see this message! May wish to big friends "61 happy", VANS to find our childhood partner PEANUTS joint, there will be a big wave classic shoes full of innocence, full of wit and humour to meet with you! Whether it is Snoopy, Woodstock or Charlie Brown, have the opportunity to walk with you! It is reported cheap foamposites that the series. in March 23, 2017, "the heart of yelikon, enjoy the process." as the theme, was held in Wenzhou brand promotion conference. "Airport" as the theme style of the scene is not only unique, but also ushered in a large number of big coffee "airborne"". The conference invited the "Chinese China good tongue chaired, with live guests and hundreds of media, mass media and consumer representatives of nearly a thousand people together, unveiled a new brand identity and yelikon concept, common witness yelikon brand upgrade path. host China less (pictures from the network) users as the interpretation of fashion culture, brand promotion to lead the future trend yelikon cleverly arranged the scene "yelikon aviation performance station, waiting hall, flight information card, security doors and other airport facilities Goods are available in all varieties. China's identity in addition to live host, the flight crew is long ", led all the passengers around the world, after London and Milan, Hawaii and other urban fashion, enjoy the British style, Italy style and American romantic fashion, with the interpretation of other. live high range catwalk (picture from network) said the trend of fashion, "yelikon flight purser" China has its own unique understanding of fashion. His eyes are not only glamorous dress shoes, it covers all aspects of social etiquette, culture, the trend of the times, aesthetic standards, "perfect appearance + temperament" fusion, is the real fashion he recognized. for many years, not only to create yelikon excellent products, pay more attention t cheap air jordans o product convey "fashion culture". Deep in the consumer market, insight into the needs, and timely feedback to product development and design, so as to provide users with the most appropriate demand shoes, truly realize the "customer departure" service concept. Today, yelikon not only inherited the spirit, more of the brand service concept of Sublimation: yelikon sale is not only excellent products, is a new communication method of consumers, output positive culture and values, inspire people to a better life. The upgrade of the brand, more than brand image upgrade, also more than brand slogan updates, more is to refine the core brand assets yelikon 22 years focused on shoemaking and summary. The future will continue to build yelikon and consumer real fashion culture, reflecting the unique value and charm in the individuality and independent thinking in the. yelikon (pictures from the network) ingenuity adhere to not forget the early heart, thick thin Fazhu brilliantThe brand conference, China reproduced as the host of a deep foundation and amazing speed. Once, on the stage of "good voice" in China, after 47 seconds of reading 350 words of advertising words, he was dubbed "Chinese good tongue" by the fans, and became famous overnight. However, behind the glory, there are ten years of persistence, which is for him to realize his dreamIn addition to Drake is the international popular singer Jordna Brand, more is the signing of the spokesperson, often leading to people with the most new shoes. This time the Drake Air Jordan 13 "History of Flight" in advance on foot, to give you a glimpse of. You know this Air Jordan 13 "History of Flight" once belongs to display Jordan flagship store in Brand HOF family members, did not sell. Now in the following Saturday immediately ushered in the sale, plus Drake on foot assists. If you wanted the shoes, you should get it ready on Saturday. Then it will provide full size means, we used to do household shoes or shoe lovers is also very suitable. day before Michael Jordan was leaked online on 1992 through the "signature" version of Air Jordan VII is the news of the auction. This double Air Jordan VII auction is from Gatorade Bill, former vice president of Schmidt, the shoe auction price has risen to $2860, as a result, it is difficult to measure, but the outcome will no doubt is the price to be sold. for Jordan's brilliant career, everyone familiar. As a former NBA occupation basketball player's jersey number is 23, known as the "flying trapeze". Is to have the title of athlete of the century star. In Jordan's basketball occupation career, received a total of 6 NBA winner, 6 NBA finals 5 times more valuable player NBA more valuable player, 10 time NBA NBA better team, won the Ten Session of the NBA in scoring, which is the seven consecutive. if you choose a pair of shoes with more Michael Jordan glory, which would you choose? Of course, that is Air Jordan VII, this pair of shoes on behalf of his second winner finals MVP, also in his first NBA player to participate in the Olympic Games for gold medal, the time seems to be back to Barcelona in the Summer Olympics that his color makes people remember the profound new shoes into it the Bulls of the traditional color, "bull Dynasty" initial prototype. is more important, in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, the United States first sent by occupation players in the men's basketball team, which has caused a great sensation. American Basketball "dream team" has become the object of worship, they are laughing is easy to get to gold medal, the "dream team", NBA market internationalization is getting wider. The air Jordan limelight more strength in the course of "take off" at the same time, at the foot of the AIR JORDAN VII also let everyone shines. Therefore, the color of the AIR JORDAN VII the Olympic Games was not free of human eye. Until now, it has also been more eager to get the SNEAKER collection. AIR JORDAN VII was more than the shoes use value, it records the history of Jordan and NBA to the international arena, carrying too much honor. AIR is the JORDAN series engraved more frequent shoes. A lot of people not because of love, playing basketball and select the AIR JORDAN VII, it is always Jordan's spirit, competitive spirit, interested friends can look at the auction.Not surprisingly, the Nike KD 8 Nike really moved on NikeiD platform it! Before the shoes are not logged in shelves, but the first landing to NikeiD platform is also a recent convention of Nike, the brand offers a total of three different shoes uppers options, then into the ink in the bottom option, and finally the big end of a four choices, although there is not, and compared to other mature shoes, but for one pair of shoes look just released enough matter, the price is 1399RMB, interested friends may wish to look at the official website of friends. adidas Originals ZX 630 new color design in recent tours 2014-05-06 22:44:11 adidas Originals strong during the year engraved its variety ZX series of footwear, the trend circle whipped up a big wave of retro ZX. The we offer is a new color design of adidas Originals ZX 630 near-kind tours, retro color lines combined with brisk blessing, attractive full. It is reported that subsection ZX 630 has been added to our shop at major stores and designated sales points. As the second leg of products envoy James series, it has been much loved real home, they brought it before Nike's kind according to the latest generation for us, filled with tough shoes overall style, angular walk line, simple low-key color, everywhere to reflect its focus on the real nature, and Zoom + Max cushioning configuration, it is to ensure that its mission. It is reported that the color will soon be available for sale, real friends when you wish to focus it. Nike Lunar Force 1 new color to be on sale 2015-07-08 11:43:07 A few days ago one pair of new color of Nike Lunar Force 1 again appeared networks, the designer will usually accompany a combination of Fuse vamp into pure black suede build, let shoes texture, and finally to a translucent crystal big end rendering, and very closely aligned with the needs of the trend circle, low-key and restrained colors also allow more sneaker its attention. It is reported that the shoes will soon fully available for sale, and interested friends may wish to look it. & nbsp;